Power Injectors + IV Tubing

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    Our small IR nursing staff has recently added CT IVs to our scope of practice. We are concerned with the IV equipment used with the power injectors. IV catheters are fine - Protect IVs are ok to 300 psi but we attach this to a microbore extension set as the IVs are started in an area away from CT. I can find nothing in package inserts or on line that identifies pressure tolerances for these T-connectors, extensions sets etc. Anyone found a product that is acceptable?

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    We use 20G intracaths with a J-loop whose diameter is the same as the IV tubing. The tech attaches the injector's tubing to the end of the J-loop and secures it there with a wide piece of tape. All IV's are 20G and above the wrist.
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    Are you actually having an issue with your extension tubing leaking etc? If I ever need more information about a product I contact Materials Managment for the number of the Rep for that product and they are always more than helpful to get me information related to their products. Usually our CT techs attach the tubing for the injector directly at the hub of the IV cather, we found this resolves many issues. We also found that using "stat locks" on our own IV catheters prevents the tug and pull on the IV when the patient is moved in and out of the scanner.

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