I give up on IR

  1. After over 5 years in IR, I give up. I love the specialty, but I refuse to work for another non-nurse. I have never had the trouble in my nursing career as when I worked in IR. I give up trying to justify my actions to a rad tech. It's not right. And it seems like it will never get fixed. I wish Joint Commission could come down like a ton of bricks on these Radiology departments. There's always some fluffy "nursing supervisor" or some disinterested nurse in another department as a "dotted line" to nursing. It's all a load of horse hockey and it needs to stop. It's ridiculous that a tech is hiring/firing/reviewing/disciplining RNs. And this one is done with it. I would discourage any RN from joining a radiology department.
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  3. by   CaffinatedInCarolina
    This is not what it is like where I work. Nurses are separate from the RTs. We work parallel to each other. In what part of the country are you working?
  4. by   BexnRN
    Arkansas. I moved here from Mississippi. From a gigantic hospital to a small, private one. Same both places. My boss was a tech. Granted, one was the director of the Radiology department, but a rad tech nonetheless. It's unsettling, especially when you're the only nurse like I was at the small hospital. My "supervisor" worked in another department. Like...really??