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  1. 0 Hi, I'm an x-ray student and need help with film critique. Does anyone know of any computer programs that can help me with this. I need to be quizzed and my teacher says it's not her responsibility. Reading the text books just aren't helping too much. Thanks for any help.
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    Since this is a nursing site, not many of us are trained in film critique (the way a Rad. Tech. student is trained, that is).

    I did a web search using the words "X ray film critique virtual" and then "X ray student 'film critique' learning" and came up with a few sites:

    Good luck to you!
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    Thank you!
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    The best way to learn film critique is to be sure you know what you should be seeing in a good film and decide if that is what is being shown in the critiqued film. You then need to decide what needs to be done to make the critiqued film "acceptable". Going over images with a tech is the best way to learn film critique. Even though you can't "read" the film, you still need to know what is going on pathology wise as well. It is definitely a learned skill. Good luck!