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    Hello everyone,
    I have just been offered a job at Humana as a quality improvement nurse, I'm told I will be traveling about 70% of the time (in my territory). My background is perioperative and ms and ortho, no quality improvement experience. There's a lot of mixed reviews out there on Humana. If there are any Humana nurses out there can you please let me know if you like working there, what your typical day is like, etc. Any input you can give me would be great.

    Thank you!

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    They pay less then United. Why not go for it and open a door to a new career? Quit in a yr. and go somewhere else if you hate it.
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    Yes I agree the pay is not great at all.
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    I just got a call regarding this same position. I am wondering how it is working out for you?
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    I was told pay is low to mid 60's.
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    Are they looking for more nurses. I worked Quality for 6 years. The problem I have is I didn't work for 4 years. Now I've been working in a long term care facility for a week.

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