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Hello, I'm considering a HEDIS job with Outcomes Inc for the spring 2006. I live in Seattle and have 2 toddlers that I will need to find care for while I do this. Outcomes said they pay $4/chart and expect an average of 6-8... Read More

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    According to the management, these people technically weren't laid off. They failed the test, but I do question the validity of the test. Did the test really measure what it was supposed to measure (accuracy, etc.)

    After they fired these people, Outcomes did not hire replacements, so there were doubts regarding the company's financial stability. They said they plan to hire 100 people by the end of the year and more for the next year.
    So far we have only about 30 coders.

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    Good input. You're right, "according to management" they weren't laid off. The test was a surprise with an email being sent at the end of the prior day informing everyone to prepare for a test. The email did not say that it would determine whether or not they would be fired.
    As for test validity, they had no clue as to how to even put directions on their tests. Some tests had multiple choice questions without the answers, and the "trainer" thought they were True/False.
    What has not been addressed in the recent threads is the fact that operations and HR repeatedly told their employees, individually and in groups, that they were in no danger of losing their jobs, they had too much invested in them, they would be personally carried across the line, there would be retraining if needed, etc, etc. Had they been honest and said "We're not sure if we'll need all of you, but we're going to try this and see what happens" or something similar, their credibility might still exist, but I doubt it given the other comments on this thread over the last few years. I think their attempts at damage control are a little transparent and too late; their actions speak for themselves. It's a shame because it could have been a great company. I think greed got in the way and now they are seeing the results. At least 3 nurses have quit since the layoff.
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    the 2nd test was multiple choice. the answers were labeled a, b, c, d. the answer sheet, which was the last page, was the same. how can you mistake that for true/ false? the test had you use your book and coding guidelines to answer the questions. there was a question and if you referred to the guidelines and used your coding book you found the right answer right there on the test page. those of us who were above the pass line, 2 test average, were able to go back and look at the test and our answers to see what we missed.

    as a side note we currently have job postings for the <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-comalbuquere</st1</st1:city> office, they are hanging in the break room. 1 additional manager and 2 clinical advocates. i overheard they are getting training ready for hedis season and preparing to hire for in office staff. i wonder if those who were commenting in past posts were seasonal hedis and pia staff who work as remote coders. i asked about doing remote coding work and it was explained to me they are only used when needed and are paid by chart. when the season is starting up or slowing down their temporary service comes to an end.

    i like my job. many of us do. it's challenging, some days are good and some days are hard due to the work assigned that day. isn't that the same in every job.
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    If you notice, I said "some tests". Since you are supposed to be an expert at picking up details I would have thought that you'd notice that. Anyway, like I said, damage control at this point is very transparent. As for work conditions, again, three nurses have quit at least one has gone to her supervisor to tell her to stop harassing her about production quotas, and others have said that the conditions there are not pleasant, no one hardly says anything to each other and they are all in fear of losing their jobs. And again, this thread speaks for itself with about 90% verifying that this is how this company operates. I will not bring up the various lawsuits from employees, but anyone can Google them. Amazing.
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    Even if they hire nurses for the HEDIS next year, they could train you and then give you another test and fire you the next day! You never know what they'll do.

    As far as the conditions there, the moral isn't pleasant. People are harassing other people, and I heard the HR is not doing anythingn about it. In fact the HR is one of the people who are spreading lies. It's a sick place.
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    Green are you talking about the KY office the Altanta office or the Albuqerque office? I haven't heard of any issues with HR or harrassment in Albuquerque. I would like to know more.
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    No, this is a different place and about a nurse who had to leave. But I did hear about the firings in Albuquerque, though.
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    Isn't it unbelievable how nurses are being treated recently. It seems like companied are trying to go as low as possible with the pay, and scamming us to see how much work we'll do for free.
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    Are there other companies similar to Outcomes that anyone recommends? I'm listed with Outcomes but no work is currently available. Hopefully one that pays better too...
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    That's odd. Outcomes should be busy at this time of the year because it's the HEDIS season! ...unless Outcomes didn't get many contracts with the health insurance companies.

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