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Hello, I'm considering a HEDIS job with Outcomes Inc for the spring 2006. I live in Seattle and have 2 toddlers that I will need to find care for while I do this. Outcomes said they pay $4/chart... Read More

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    I guess I was minsunderstood, I have tons of experience in hh so I kind of know how to gague being out on the road and piece work as far as profitability. I'll try to be a little more clear, how many charts per doctor's office is the average....if the RN is only reviewing 20 charts or so per office then it's probably not worth it. If there are 100 charts per office then it makes more sense (since travel time is not paid). I understand that they pay for mileage over 40 miles, but where do you start your mileage, at the first office or from your home?
    All jobs that involved mileage reimbursement do not pay from home to the first stop or the last stop to home. The company would not pay you to drive to the office and they consider this the same thing. Hope it helps. I saw this job listing too and it seems too good to be true.

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    I am looking at the same job with Outcomes Inc. They called me today but it seems like something is not right. Their web site says you get paid after completing the chart. ( how many might not be complete enough for payment?) she told me that you could scan up to 50-60 charts a day!! The training is a cd that you watch and take a test, they pay you $60 to do that. I wonder if that is the highly trained nursing profesionals they advertise to their customers. I was waiting for her to tell me that I could do this for the low cost of $29.99 a week in easy payments drawn form my bank account! It seems not quite right that they are going to give me a computer and scanner and not have some catch to it. It did not help when I think she was calling me from India.
    Anyone else out there Feel this way?
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    I got a bad feeling from them. They took forever to send me any info. Took along time to check my references. I never sent anything else. They kept calling me. It just wasn't right. I have heard there are other companies that pay much more to do this job. I would walk away from this.
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    I did some very brief HEDIS with Managed Access last year - thought it would be a good way to spend time between class terms - not worth it, poor organization and I would go to an office do two charts, drive across town, wait an hour, do 13 charts - 4 of which would not be compliant - no pay etc, then spend 4 or 6 hours every other day trying to get appointments (find correct phone numbers/locations/who to speak with/when they were available to speak with you/office hours etc.)with the MD office - this time was not paid, it was a mess. Outcomes Inc. also contacted me - the money is ridiculous and the planned methodology is poor - basically, they want you to xerox, perhaps scan the appropriate piece of paper (s) and then mail the whole thing in, the talker had very little knowledge about Hedis - which can require obtaining data from several different places in a record, and frankly I was amazed how disorganized many office charts are. In short, even if you are #1 nurse, 20 charts an hour - no way - it is time consuming, I thought I was good at 4 or 5. Oh and that CD training, it took a good 10 hours to complete and do the online tests - and I am not slow or inexperienced.
    Also after hearing some of the reports - something about prenatal care being improved and aspirin/beta blockers after MI greatly improved I doubted the quality of data - the offices I went to were not compliant. So basically I would say - go with your guts ladies, this is a sham. One agency shift will make you more - and this is not a career.
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    i think if you are looking for work to fill a short period of time, this might be the ticket , they told me as of jan 1 , mileage reimbursment is 48.5 cents/mile, yes $4 per chart with an average of approx 50/day.... they don't send you to an office if it is less than 5 charts....not great money but not all that bad either.
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    Depends on the company. I forgot but I talked to one company and it was disorganized and I saw red flags and did not do it. Later I heard other people talk of how you went to an office and did a couple of charts and then were sent miles away for another couple of charts. Not worth my time!
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    i have done hedis data collection many times. i have worked in the managed care arena for quite a while. the first thing to tell you about hedis data collection is that it is not a full time job. it is a part time job. it is not intended to give you a salary that you can live off of, but to supplement and give you extra spending money. it is especially a good deal if you work 12 hour shifts because you can do this on your day off.

    it is tedious. you have to schedule your appointments in physician offices. if it is a solo practice there may be only 5-6 charts to review. on some companies you are scheduled by support staff. i do not recommend this type of data collection because usually the schedulers are in another location and are not aware of local traffic patterns. so only take a job where you are in control of the scheduling. get on map quest and map out the offices you have to attend and plan the route. <o<o</o

    the physician offices, for the most part know about hedis, but you may come upon new people that have not been exposed to it before. be aware, this data collection effort is not to measure the physicians per se; it is to measure the health plans of managed care. therefore, there may be only a few charts per office.

    <oyes you do have to copy or scan the records to take with you. you will have to do this because the offices do not have anyone to help you. each office will have different record keeping practices that you will have to quickly understand and then find the needed information. sometimes you may even have to pull the records, but usually not. the data needs to be audited and quantified, that is why a copy of the records is necessary. you will have to pull the chart apart to copy the required pages and then put it back together in the same order. it is very rude not to return the chart to the status that you found it.<o</o

    some offices are nice and helpful and others are rude. be that as it may, your responsibility to is to be appropriate to them. their job is to take care of the customer/patients, not nurses doing chart review. you are on their turf. be pleasant and flexible. they will try to accommodate you, but never allow them to accommodate you at the expense of the customer. you may be placed in a small room, on a stool or in storage room. be flexible and smile.

    it can be a fun thing to go around to different offices and see another side of the health care continuum. it is a change from the normal routine of nursing. i have done this type of data collection for years and always enjoy being in the community. also, if you goal is to get into qi or managed care, getting this type of experience can always help with that. put it on your resume.

    remember hedis are quality measures for managed care, not individual physicians. they cover the whole gamut of health care areas such as diabetes, heart, depression, immunizations and prenatal care. <o</oany questions?<o</o

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    I just got hired with Outcomes, Inc. out of Tarpon Sgs, Florida for the HEDIS project. I am a green employee meaning I use environmentally safe and conscious lifestyle choices in work, purchases, and everyday life. Included in that is using rapid transit. Three days later I was told that because I did not own a car and planned to use rapid transit for work, which is superior in the Denver Metro areas by the way, that I would only be used if "there were no other people able to do the job". I was pretty disappointed. Do I have any recourse? The town I live in is a green town and signed the Kyoto agreement and other world wide initiatives going against the US gov choices regarding green living. Ironically the company sited "equipment safety" as a reason. WEll, the patient sensitive data stolen from our american vets recently that was all over the news was heisted from the back of a car! Wow, and I was willing to do the task for a paultry 4 bucks a chart! What do you all think about this hiring practice?
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    I'm goi
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    baaaad idea to take hourly pay for hedis or other chart reviews. this will be my 2nd season with outcomes and they pay $4 a chart to scan them--the abstraction part is separated for qa. i get up to 80 charts a day so that's $40 an hour. i never had any pay issues and the nurses i worked with didnt either.

    downside: the training was a little long (but at least they pay you for it). also their recruiters aren't clinicians so of course they cant tell you everythign about hedis!

    overall, the work is pretty good and i made a lot of money. cathy
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