How to become a vent certified RN?

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    Hello All,

    I'm a Pediatric RN in Southern California and work with many patients whom are vent dependent. I am interested in becoming vent certified, however, have not been able to find any information on how to do so, the only courses I have been able to find are 4-6 hour ventilator/ABG review courses that count towards CEU's.

    Any information or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Vent certified on what ventilator? Do you have enough foundation theory in the basics of mechanical venitlation as it pertains to respiratory physiology? Most RTs spend several hours learning each new ventilator and that is after 2 years of college dedicated to this specialty. RNs who work in the ICU may also get a 3 -4 hour overview on each new ventilator introduced in the ICU. I suggest you contact the manufacturer and see if you qualify for training on their ventilator. The problem with taking some "ceu" classes or even a day or two seminar is that the information is usually out of date before the class is over. Ventilators, especially those for pediatrics, are very complex and are constantly changing with many new models sporting several new modes.
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    I spent many years in peds vent home care and work in PICU now. I am also a peds CCRN. I know of no certification for vents.

    Certification is generally for a fairly broad patient population (adult med-surg, neuro, critical care, etc). Vent 'certified' is not a broad enough patient population to have a certification program.
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    Quote from marycarney
    Certification is generally for a fairly broad patient population (adult med-surg, neuro, critical care, etc). Vent 'certified' is not a broad enough patient population to have a certification program.
    No but there is an Associates degree and also a Bachelors degree in it. Ventilator theory and management are broad categories which requires specialty training and education. Without that you are just a knob turner by a recipe with ABG results.

    Ventilators for each age group is a specialty in itself which is why RTs have their own specialty certifications in addition to their initial certification for licensure. This includes the NPS (Neonatal Pediatric Specialist and the Adult Critical Care Specialist. They realized that each group was now very specialized in ventilation and takes special training/education and experience to master.

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    But the OP is an RN, not an RT.
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    Quote from marycarney
    But the OP is an RN, not an RT.
    Correct. But for a specialized licensed profession with specialty certs within it to be established, it means the material is broad. It is also constantly changing with new technology being introduced frequently.

    If the knowledge is to be on only one ventilator then the manufacturer's clinical rep should be contacted.
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    In my area, there is a Pediatric Ventillator Program that holds a 4-day 8 hr course to become trach-vent "certified"; rather competent. In HH, I did the initial course, the two-day course to become a educator, as well as maintained T/V competences each year.

    Find out if your HH company helps their nurses become "trach-vent competent" and start from there. You will most likely receive theory, skills lab, paper test, then precept with a T/V nurse for at least 16-24 hrs before you can start caring for T/V pts, if you are have not already done so.

    The nursing "shortage" I do see is T/V nurses in HH; sometimes there are not enough nurses for their cases. I usually had 2 cases when I worked in HH, and at least 1 or both were T/V.

    I have yet to hear about a "ventilator certification"; just only the program I've had.

    Hope this helps! Good luck!
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    Thanks for all the feedback everyone. I was not sure if there was an actual certification for an RN to receive for ventilators, I was just basing my question off of Google searches I had performed regarding ventilator specific courses for RN's.
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    Vent :"certification:" is for nurses using ventilators in the home setting.
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    I would love to attend this training program. Where is it located and do you have their contact information?


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