Cystic Fibrosis - a Nursing Specialty?

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    Is there anyone who is a nurse specializing in Cystic Fibrosis? If so how did you manage it (ie. are there specialized courses, or did you work on a CF unit, etc.) CF has affected my family greatly as my aunt was a spokeswoman for the CFF until she passed away at age 35. I am really interested in pursuing my career in this area, so any information available would be greatly appreciated!!

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    Anyone still interested in this topic? I am!
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    I am a cf nurse. I originally worked on a floor where all cf adult patients were admitted for exacerbations. I got to know the cf np and dr and they recruited me over to the cf clinic where I am a nurse coordinator. I work at one of the largest cf centers in the country-servicing nearly 400 patients and families yearly. This is one of those career paths I just sort of fell into, but am really enjoying it so far!
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    I realize this is an old old thread but I am surprised (but then again not) that there is not more interest in this topic. I also wondered about CF nursing as my son was diagnosed just 2 years ago when he turned 14 (after being misdiagnosed from the time he started having symptoms at 1). We have a fairly large CF clinic here in St. Louis but once people get in there they tend not to leave so it is very difficult to find an open position. I guess I am more or less wondering how many other people may have sought out this specialty or have experience with it.
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    I'm a CF nurse at a large teaching hospital and one of the premier CF centers in the country. I was offered a job as a new grad on a med-surg floor that cared for CF and dialysis patients. When they decided to open a CF only division, I took the opportunity and have been doing it for 10+ years now. I absolutely love my CF patients! I would love to see a CF certification for nurses. We're very specialized and should have a certification.
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    I know this is an old thread; but I am very interested in being a CF nurse. I just graduated in MI and now reside in TN. I am applying for a residency program at Vanderbilt and my goal is to work with CF patients and their families. My son went to Heaven in 2004 and I promised myself that I would return to college, get my BSN and spend the rest of my life helping CF patients; until a cure is found. I agree that their should be a specialty, that more nurses should have an interest and hope to help with getting certification.
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    Hi, I have a great interest in CF and now reside in TN where the main clinic in our area is at Vanderbilt. I know that my son's RN had over 28 years experience at UM in Ann Arbor, MI. She had more knowledge then the pulmonary doc. There are CF conferences, which I plan to attend in the future. I am very involved with CFFoundation and have raised research dollars for the past 18 years. Hope your son is doing well.