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    I work for my state's health Department. Search your state's personnel website for job openings. For example: "Mississippi State Personnel Board" to find state jobs.

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    @exnavygirl-RN: How did you find the job that you are currently at? Where did you search for a job with pregnant teens and infants? Websites? Something i'd be greatly interested in and would love some friendly advice when i need to start the search
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    I am taking a public health nursing class right now. We have an assignment to interview a public health nurse. Would I be able to email you a couple questions?
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    Congrats on your job! A lot of my instructors in nursing school discourage me from going into pubic health and this post encourages me to seek out my dream. Thank you anurseatlast and exnavygirl-RN for sharing!
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    Congrats on the job and welcome to public health nursing! I've been a PHN for about 2.5 years and also love it. I think it's one of those jobs you really have to want to do or your going to dread going to work every day. It's certainly not the traditional job nurses take, but in my (probably very biased) opinion it's one of the most rewarding.