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Gosh I hope so, because right now I'm strongly considering quitting and just pursuing public health (non-nursing) or OT or anything else. I hate the paperwork, but I guess any job will have that. I hate the incredible amount... Read More

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    What I hear is that you are someone who wants to please, and likes helping people. You also say that you like being a resource to other people. But, where did you get the idea that they will put you in a position, especially so early, where your one mistake could kill someone? Learn to listen to yourself and recognize the absurdity of some of your "self-talk". (A technique used in psych - see Albert Ellis and his 11 irrational ideas, a basis for cognitive psychology). It can be quite helpful to poke fun at yourself when you realize what you are telling yourself, i.e....that you have to be perfect. First, no one is going to throw you in a room alone with someone that is in critical condition and expect you to save the patient when they are circling the drain. That is what nursing school does, it takes you baby step by baby step and teaches you what you need to know. Learn some anxiety control methods...your school's counselors can help with that. Normally you are eligible to use school counselors by virtue of being a student. If you can't stand the blood and the guts, the pee, puking, and poop of it all, then you should consider getting out. Nursing is not for everyone. But if you have the stomach for it, realize MANY nurses go into a primary care role right out of school and stay there for the rest of their career. They are great primary care nurses, and valuable assets to any team. Primary care is much different than acute care. OR..... you could possibly consider something like OR nursing. It is highly techinical-what sutures does the doctor need, positioning of the patient, instruments, fluids, irrigation, both scrubbing in and circulating. Not bedside care in the least, as it is usually defined. Give it more than one semester, but if you are hating it by mid semester of the 2nd semester, get out and don't waste any more time in nursing school. And as another posting stated...it is ALLLLLLLL about paperwork, whether you are OT, PT, RN, Social Worker, nutritionist, etc. etc. Get used to it. And you are right....care plans suck. But, the extra books in the nursing book store will make that much easier. Good luck on figuring it all out.

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