Psychiatric mental health certification exam question

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    Hello everyone, I know this is last min but I am taking the ANCC psychiatric mental health certification tomorrow and I wanted to know if anyone has recently taken it and do you get the results right then and there?

    If anyone has any guidance or tips on the exam I would be ever so grateful. I have the book from the ANCC and I did the practice exam in the book as well as the one from their website and scored rather well on both. Still nervous though and not sure what to expect.

    Thank you in advance for taking time to read and reply to my posting!

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    How did the exam go? Hope you passed! I am in the process of studying for the exam and have heard it is difficult.
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    Hope you passed the test!!!
    I'm looking into taking the test myself on a couple of months......any advice???
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    OP: let us all know how the experience was and how well you did! I'm taking the test in the fall...I'll probably get a review book this summer to start preparing.
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    By now, you've taken it, Peaceful Healing. How'd it go?

    My experience was it was of the same stress level and question difficulty as the NCLEX. Be sure to know things about psychological theories, group therapy, and milieu participation, as well as safety, safety, safety....
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    Well it would have been nice of me to answer your questions a lot sooner huh! So sorry that it took me so long to get back to you. So many things just jumped up in life and time got away from me.

    YES YES YES I passed! I am officially board certified!

    The test wasn't really as bad as I thought it was going to be. I didn't think it was nearly as bad as NCLEX but then again I had never taken anything like NCLEX which totally overwhelmed me so perhaps now things like this are not as big as that first step into nurseyhood.

    There were a lot of theories, groups, and milieu questions for sure. I thought there would be more pharm questions but not a lot.

    I also recently completed my BSN and was accepted into NP school. I start this summer. I am going for my PMHNP. I am also going to prepare for the CARN exam. I think I will take that in October.

    Hope all of you are well! Sorry again for taking so long to get back to everyone.
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    Great for you nurse zen!!!!!
    Glad to hear you passes the test!!! I've been thinking about it lately.
    Where did you studied from....and how long it took you from application to actually taking the test???
    Once gin, congratulations
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    I'm also getting ready to take the Family PMHNP exam. Any encouraging tip? I just graduated from U of Penn's program. Any and all of your kind advice would be appreciated. I'm a wreck worrying about it at this point. D Day is approaching fast like in 2 week's max. So your responses would be greatly appreciated.
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    I didn't take the PMHNP exam. I took the exam for RN-BC. I am just entering my second course in the NP program so I have a long way until then. Good luck to you though! How proud you must be to have completed UPenns program. I am at UMDNJ.
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    Oh, now I see clearly. Hum, so how do you like their program? I've heard good things about it.

    Have you taken Advanced Patho-Physiology yet?
    And what classes are you taking now? I have been studying nd preparing for my Bpards exam which I will be taking in approx 2 week's. I know in Penn's program the Advanced Patho-Physiology class is the one that weed's people out. As about a quarter of each class fail it and drop out of the program. I'll never forget it, I never studied so hard and it was 2 semesters long. I tool it in the sommer. sommer 1 and 2, intensive 6 hour classes 4 days per week. I assume your not taking that at this point or you would have mentioned it to me right off the bat, asking me how to survive it.

    So have you taken it? Because once you do, it's all down hill from there. I am proud to say I received a B+ in that class, but that was with many hours of one on one tutering. It's a game changer that's for dam sure.

    And for your future motivation interest, by the way I already have a job in Philly, all set up to start once I complete and pass my Boards, this position starts me out at $95,000 a year, then it increases to above $100,000 in year 2. Then it increases yearly from there. Which at that point I will start my own Private practice.

    So work hard and be focused and you'll be there too, very soon.

    So your a new BSN with no experience. That's OK, 3 of my Psych NP class mates at Penn were also and they (all 3 of them) landed job's that started them out at $110,000. Lucky sucker's. They had to move to the Pocono's area for that position at a new private inpatient Psych hosp.

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