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I'm so frustrated at the inadequate care I see some of my patient's receiving in the ER's before arriving on my unit! I know Psych patients pose many challenges in the ER but come on! I've seen everything from a missed &... Read More

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    This is somewhat related. When I worked on the psych floor in a general hospital, we had a terrible time getting the medical doctors to come to our floor to see our patients. I think once we got them, they were considered to be psych-only. One time a lady was very SOB, frightened, her breathing was breathing very labored and she was ashen. Her breath sounds were extremely poor. We could not get a doctor to come see her the evening I worked until the supervisor pushed a resident to come. The lady ended up being transferred to ICU and died. Turns out she had advanced lung cancer.

    After that incident and a few others, we had a patient was seizing. The residents said they would be there ASAP but didn't think our need was a priority. After what seemed like forever, still no doctor! We ended up calling a code even though that was not what was needed. All we needed was a doctor, and we figured that would get one to come to our floor. It worked. That patient was transferred to ICU too, but did survive.

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    Some of our hospitalists openly refuse to come (if we manage to even get a return phone call) and are often rude to the nurses. We had to contact the house supervisor on a rather regular basis. One doctor finally crossed the line with some serious verbal abuse to one of our nurses (was not the first time, but was the worst incident) and our psych doc and unit manager got involved. The doctor had to step down as lead attending hospitalist.

    Things are better now as 3 docs volunteered to be the only docs who come here. We usually see only one doc, but we are satisfied as he is a great doctor and person in general.
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