Psych nurse problems

  1. Anybody wish they could go nurse ratchet on a patient (jokingly because of ethics and hippa) some of my patients are a piece of work lol
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  3. by   MrChicagoRN
    Yes, dealing with acting out behaviors can be very stressful, and extremely challenging. But that's a huge part of why they're there in the first place.

    How do you deal with the stress?

    Don't let the pathology of others drag You down.
  4. by   Meriwhen
    I will admit, there have been patients that have drove me to the breaking point. But I know the last thing in the world I should ever do is take my frustrations out on the patient. My role is to help patients, not hurt them...besides, stress relief is what playing DOOM in God Mode is for

    IMO, you need a lot of patience and a sense of humor to survive as a psych nurse.
  5. by   ackiepieRN
    As you can see, that certain nurse is my role model (haha, kidding )

    I agree with Meriwhen. There have been patients that have pushed me over the limits - to the point that I have cried in the dirty utility closet or tried desperately to "zen and center myself" in the staff bathroom.I know the ones I struggle with the most (borderlines old enough to be my grandmother yet have the coping skills of a toddler, patients who tell me how to do my job, etc), and I advocate for rotating these difficult ones.

    Exercise, video games, and my husband ( aww yiss) are the best de-stressors after a particularly bad evening!
  6. by   CharlieChase
    I'm precepting at a psychiatric hospital, and came in with the attitude that I can't ever voice or think a thought that might be viewed as mean towards the patient or their condition. Over the last month or so I have discovered that venting is necessary and okay - as long is it is behind closed doors away from the patients. It does take a special person to work in this specialty - as with most other specialties. I've had patients come up to me and say I don't know how you do this job, so sometimes even the patients are aware of how difficult their conditions can be on staff.

    I always try and remember that ever behavior expresses a need. This work is difficult and many, many kudos to all of you for choosing it.
  7. by   chevyv
    Oh heck ya!! I will take over with a very difficult pt when I see my staff getting testy. I handle it because I know at that point I can't assign anyone else to the pt. I do secrectly have to admit that many times, way deep down, I'm screaming and tearing out my own hair while wondering how anyone can get on my last nerve so darned fast
  8. by   YellowLindsey2013
    Hi Guys Im new here, I have recently joined the gym. I never thought I would and never thought about the whole change of lifestyle rubbish, however it has helped me at work. I can unwind when it has been challenging on the ward. A 30minute swim will help. It's difficult and I think we all do well. Society doesn't know what we do and they don't want to know, so well done to us!!!!!!
  9. by   sharpeimom
    I worked as a psych nurse for nearly twenty years, mostly in a state psych hospital. It was located about 30 miles from where we live.
    The drive to and from could take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour depending on how many logging trucks were ahead of me on the rutted old road.

    I would listen to a book on tape coming and going and depending upon which book I put in, it always relaxed me and turned me back into someone I wanted to be by the time I got home.

    Sometimes when my husband wasn't teaching, we'd go out to breakfast and that helped.