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  1. 0 I'm wondering what the policy at other facilities are regarding patient searches at time of admission. Seems the new unit I will be working on allows the patients to keep everythng (ie. belts, shoelaces, etc.) Makes me very nervous. Any info or journal articles supporting this will be appreciated.
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    Wow...that would be scary for me...on the unit I float to and the unit I worked at before moving here, patients brought in the ER are searched by the intake team before being brought to the unit and have any 'dangerous' belongings removed from their possession until time of discharge. They can keep some things, but belts and shoelaces certainly aren't on the list. People being directly admitted (not through ER) are searched in the anteroom before being brought onto the unit. One difference is that the unit where I work now has a 'level' system people can earn priviledges including having some of their belongings returned to them as they approach their discharge date. The unit I worked in Alabama was not on a level system. Also, the unit in Alabama allowed people to wear street clothes, whereas this unit I currently work provides the patients with blue scrub pants and shirts.

    I don't have access to any articles...sorry! Good luck at your new job!
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    We do intake checks on all patients, but we use levels, so most patients get to keep shoes (shoelaces) belts etcs. Other higher risk patients are restricted to pjs and no belongings. It isn't perfect, and I'd like mosr strict guidelines that all staff would adhere to.
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    That is scary...

    We remove all belongings and clothing. They can have their clothes back in 24 hours if they're voluntary, otherwise it requires a doctors order. Unsafe belongings are kept locked up, though there are certain hospital privileges the residents can earn over time.
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    Hi to all,:smiley_ab

    Where I work, 1. It is private so different laws to public..
    How we handle it is
    1. Risk assesment / any doubt re-clients or others safety all belts etc get put into locked store room.
    2.We maybe asked by a Dr or manager to do a search. It is working on the edge..for sure...but I found its helped me to take action when I feel a client is at risk.
    3. Any nurse can call a search & take belts etc by informing the Doctor mostly no problems with this approach.
    4. We listen to our gut & take belts etc before we ring the Dr & tell them what we have done & why & And ask any problem about this action.
    99% of the time all work as a team re-safety and it is well managed.

    I will get back to you about any articles.
    Ours is based on law is this the case with where you will be working.

    Cheers Loray