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heloooo allnurses :redbeathe i really got alot of useful info in every speciality ( med,surg,maternity...... ) i am still student taking psychiatric & because it's new for me i faced some ( well aloooooot ) problems:confused: ... Read More

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    Misha, you need to do more online searches as I don't think you really understand what these questions are about.
    There are thousands of helpful websites,you can do a Google search. Can't you access your university's website search catalogues for help?
    Also you must talk to your instructor if you are struggling with the material. We don't know what your course curriculum is, so the course coordinator should be the first point of contact.
    Is English not your first language? If that is the case, perhaps you need someone to interpret some of the words for you.
    And people think psych nursing is easy! That always makes me laugh on these boards.
    ADD: also if you do answers in red or another fluoresecent colour, they are really hard to read.
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