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I am posting here- Nurse to Nurse, because I am terrified to admit what I am experiencing to a co-worker or counselor. I have been an RN for almost a year in acute care. I have great difficulty... Read More

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    Have your thyroid checked out. And do take everyones good advice. If it brings you any comfort to know you're not the only one out there that feels like this. I also can relate. Have many of your sx also. Try to take one day at a time. Wish you the best. Keep in touch.
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    We haven't heard from you this week. I hope this means that you are getting some help.If you have not done so already.... get help. many of today's health insurance benefits include a separate company that takes care of mental health issues. There is no info shared between the two and you don't need a referral from a PCP. If you have an EAP (employee assistance program) you could contact them for help. It is a way to get help without losing your job... they SHOULD work with you to help you.
    Other than a medical condition, you could be experiencing something of an overload to your brain. It is amazing how the brain will shut down functions to protect itself. Good luck.... we are thinking about you. Let us know you are okay.

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    Quote from jobo
    I am posting here- Nurse to Nurse, because I am terrified to admit what I am experiencing to a co-worker or counselor. I have been an RN for almost a year in acute care. I have great difficulty organizing my time. I was an excellent student, but am getting concerned. I am having mental blocks, especially at work. I am having memory difficulties and visual problems. Sometimes strange things happen to me. One scary example: I was driving in my vehicle the other day and approached a stoplight and couldn't decide if I was looking at a red or green light. First, it seemed red and then green and then I couldn't tell. I finally decided it was green but couldn't remember if one should stop or go on a green light. As you might imagine, I am distressed about these mental changes. It has been two years since I felt that my mind was clear. I function well at home, although I have several children. I am terrified at work at the hospital and feel I should quit, although I am a single-parent and have much debt. I have a history of victimization and PTSD. I am getting attention at work as an airhead. In other areas of my life and in past vocations, I have proven competence. I do not abuse any drugs and have had ten alcoholic drinks in 20 years. I am a nonsmoker and noncriminal. I am in my forties. Is what I am experiencing the result of great anxiety? The symptoms increase during PMS. I also have some health problems I have been unable to address because of financial reasons. I'm terrified that I am an unsafe provider. I'm terrified that if I seek help, I will bombshell my career and I have a lot of debt and responsibilities. I realize that you are unable to diagnose (although we do internally, every day). Does anyone have any insight for me?
    Hi. Just posted my intro, u might be interested in looking at it? I am curious if your workplace has "bully mentality". If your not sure there are many web sites to educate u in this subject. Let me know if this helps.
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    Quote from jobo
    Should I begin with seeing my PCP or a psychiatrist? My PCP takes call at my place of work and I have not been impressed by the lack of confidentiality and respect for patients, esp. psych involvement, I have witnessed among all levels of providers here. I feel that I would be washed-out if I went to my PCP or a GP, as they all communicate here. Perhaps if I went to a psychiatrist in a neighboring city?
    You might want to get your thyroid checked thoses are classic for hypotyroidism. go have blood drawn and have your TSH,T3 and T4 checked. You may also be able to feel swelling around the base of your neck where your thyroid gland is. I have had hypothyroidism for about 4 years and i develop the same confusion usually when my levels get messed up, you may also lethargy, some hair loss. Let us know how you do!
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    Quote from oramar
    Am I the only one that thinks that Jobo's manager should be noticing her deteriorating mental state and offer her some support? My guess is that managment is oblivious as usual. Most likely some of her fellow workers have noticed and offered some support, some others probably add to the problems by giving Jobo a hard time. That is the way it usually goes in a situation like this.
    Hi there. Isn't that the truth. However, I just posted my intro and a post to Jobo, wondering if workplace harassment and "bullying" is happening there
    Jobo, if u feel you are being a scapegoat and/or if others are giving u a hard time, u need to find someone, other than co-workers, to talk to. I am not down-playing your symptoms. I do not know the workplace environment you work in either, maybe u work in one of those (unfortunatly) rare positive environments, from administrators down the line.
    Please feel free to look at your workplace environment with me. I believe u mentioned that in the past u have been a "victim." Are you a victim at work? Lynne
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    uummm...the original post is 4 years old. I don't think anyone will be getting a reply from jobo.
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    Quote from lucianne
    uummm...the original post is 4 years old. I don't think anyone will be getting a reply from jobo.
    Well, glad that someone is still watching....hope she found her solution. God Bless. Lynne