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  1. Hello everyone who might be going into the field of psychiatry or who work in psych nursing. I am currently pursuing my BSN and work in a county program for the mentally ill. I want to pursue my Master's in psychology as a nurse practitioner however, don't know anyone who can give me any advice in this field and how lucrative it might be. The mind fascinates me and so does my job however, I live in a very small county and throughout our county, there is not a single Nurse Practitioner who practices psychiatry. Would really appreciate any feedback from anyone out there.
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    I'm not sure I understand the question. Do you want to become a psychiatric nurse practitioner or become a nurse practitioner and then pursue an extra Master's in psychology? I think what you are talking about is being a psychiatric nurse practitioner. I have found that the demand is high and it can be both reasonably lucrative and very rewarding. Furthermore, if you are willing to practice in an underserved/rural area, you may be able to get student loans forgiven in return for a certain number of years of service in that area (in addition to your salary, of course). I suggest that you check out your community mental health organization and see if they are open to hiring nurse practitioners and what they would be willing to pay.

    good luck
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    Get your Masters in Psychiatric Nursing...not psychology. You also may want to contact your "county" mental health board to see if they have any scholarships for this or be willing to set up one with you.

    My best to you!