Insomnia meds for psych patients? - page 3

Which meds do you think work best for psych patients? Seems like many of our patients have difficulty sleeping, wondering if the doc maybe should be ordering different meds?... Read More

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    ...also, if you have a turkey sandwich before bed...turkey has tryptophan in it. Tryptophan converts to melatonin and melatonin makes you sleepy.....

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    Quote from medsurgrnco
    Which of these meds have you seen work best for agitated patients who don't sleep for more than a couple of hours at a time AFTER being given insomnia meds?

    When I worked inpatient we had big success with Seroquel and Benadryl. We didn't use a lot of Ambien when I was working on the unit.

    In answer to another poster, we are having equal outpatient success with Lunesta and Ambien. We're having fair success with Rozerem.

    We do quite a bit of education on non-pharmacologic relief for insomnia. We pretty much cured one lady's insomnia when we suggested she remove her TV from her bedroom.
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    MrIan......No cookies, too much sugar...would get the kids rockin n rollin.....
    maybe warm milk and an apple ????

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