How to Dress for Psychiatric Nursing - page 3

Many psychiatric facilities and settings allow or require that nurses and support staff wear street clothing instead of scrubs. Those entering into psychiatric nursing often ask, "If I can't wear... Read More

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    I have been working in psych for 7 years now. The facilities give you a guideline on what not to wear the rest is up to the individual. I dress for comfort in the winter but add comfortable shoes (Skechers or MBT's) becuase you may need to run and 12 hours is a long time to be on your feet so you need to be comfortable. In the spring and summer I wear scrubs becuase they are light and comfortable. It is a nice option to have a choice in what to wear to work.
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    despite what the book and managmeent dictates, VISIT a psych unit. Normally, its causual. With a name tag suitably hung in a prominent place.
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    Quote from PsychGuy
    When I worked in med-surg (fortunately those days are over) I found these pants at a fire/EMS supply store that were treated with some kind of Dupont stuff that made them resistant to fluid, plus they had a snap, zipper, belt loops, elastic on the sides of the waist, and seven pockets that I can remember. On top of that they were pleated so if you tucked in a shirt they looked like nice pants. With a scrub shirt hanging over them they looked like a tougher version of scrubs. I wish I could remember what they were called. I'd have to go dig around in the closet. I'm thinking these would be great on a psych floor.
    Sound like "tactical" cargo pants to me. Gotta love anything with lots of pockets!
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    Ha they are. I went and looked, and the brand is called 5.11 "Tactical." They're pretty nice. Forgot to mention I found them GREAT for trail hiking lol.
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