Hello everyone!!!new to the forum

  1. 2 Hi everyone!!!!
    My name is loreta, Been psych rn for five years and love it!!!!!
    I'm new to this forum and thought it would a good idea to introduce myself
    I've been reading some of the entries and had found them quite interesting and helpful
    Looking forward to chatting with all of you

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    About Loreta

    Joined Jan '11; Posts: 25; Likes: 15.

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    Hello Loretta.......welcome!!!
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    Glad you're here! It's good to hear that you enjoy this area of Nursing. I look forward to reading your posts.

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    Thankyou!!! MentalhealthRN and Davey
    Glad to be here and share questions,insights,experiences!!!!
    Looking forward to chatting with all of you
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    Hi Loreta! Nice to know there's more people out there that love psych
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    Welcome, Loretta - I love to hear positive things about nursing, esp psych.
    I'm new too (to this site), never thought to introduce myself - seems a great idea.
    I'm the guy where I work who works with the most agitated, the least cooperative, the most 'difficult' patients.
    I convince people, with fair success, in psych emergencies to accept treatment with less use of restraints, physical force, and IM Rx than average. I keep the peace.
    I'm gradually transitioning into academics, specializing in negotiation techniques, rapport-building, treatment adherence, and the value of addressing the normal aspects of patients, not just symptoms and illnesses.
    While pathology can and does influence patient decisions, including that whether to accept care and cooperate with others, illnesses do not make decisions. People do.
    Anyway, again, Loretta, welcome, thanks for the positive message, as well as the fine idea of self-introduction - I'm really rather new to this whole concept of on-line forums, and its nice to have the opportunity to follow others' strong examples.

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