had an interview, got the job offer, now what?

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    so i had an interview at a children's psychiatric hospital run by new york state. in short, the interview went great, i was offered the full-time position exactly a week later, and have never heard back.
    the initial call took place on 4/20 and she said "i'm going to call you back next week once i talk to HR to find out if it is a day or evening position." i was so happy because i'm really sick of being a school nurse and was really excited about this opportunity. working for the state seemed like a great idea because the salary is decent and the benefits are awesome. i also want to get into psychiatry because i am planning on becoming a psych NP.
    anyway, long story short, this director of nursing never called me back. it has now been 2 weeks since her initial call. i called back last tuesday to "follow up" and left a message and never got a call back.
    what are your opinions on this? is this just the state being the state and taking their sweet time? or did it fall through and should i give up hope? i just find it to be incredibly bizarre because i was OFFERED THE JOB!!!! at least have your secretary send me an email to tell me to forget it. how unprofessional and rude.
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    Give her a call.
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    I would call again. Government positions usually are slow.... lots of bureaucratic red tape etc.
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    It's a little odd that she offered you a position without knowing if it was days or nights. I'd call her again tomorrow and if you don't hear back by Friday, go in in person.
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    It's certainly true that government bureaucracies often move v. slowly, but I don't see how the person could have actually, formally offered you the position without telling you specifically what shift, pay rate, etc., you are being offered. I have a feeling you have not actually been offered the job yet, although she may have been v. positive about your prospects in the interview.
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    I agree that it was very strange but I basically chalked it up to the state being the state. I called last Tuesday and left a message for her. Do you think it's being too pushy and/or desperate to call again? Maybe I should email her secretary. I'm so disappointed!! I'm starting to think that she went to hr to file all the paperwork and something fell through with funding, etc. ugh!!!
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    I did and she never called back. I don't want to start harassing her.
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    woohooo...she finally called back and said there was "an HR snafu." i start on may 24
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    Congratulations! Welcome to child psych! I hope this will be a great experience for you.

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