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I've been thinking about taking this cert and was wondering about your thoughts on it... I have 3 years experience as an LPN in psychiatric nursing (1.5 years locked long term and 1.5 in a acute... Read More

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    Quote from shells80
    I never heard of the exam. I worked on an acute psychiatric unit and none of my co-workers have mentioned the exam. What is the purpose in taking it.
    Professional development is usually the main reason for getting certified. Having certification can also help with obtaining more career opportunities. Usually when people say they're certified in psych they're referring to ANCC certification, though there are other certification/accreditation agencies out there.

    ANCC Certification Center - American Nurses Credentialing Center - ANCC
    Psychiatricâ€"Mental Health Nursing - American Nurses Credentialing Center - ANCC

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    Some people take it for personal satisfaction. It is also documented proof that you have progressed in your specialty beyond what you were taught in nursing school. I understand that some employers pay extra for certified nurses, although I have never worked for one. Some employers will also pay for you to take the exam, but again, none that I have ever worked for.
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