Dodged a swift kick to the face today

  1. During a code situation I finally had a clear shot to give an injection to a combative patient and right as I finished getting the Thorazine and Benadryl in he broke loose from one of the staff holding his leg. I dodged to the side and he missed my face by mere inches.

    Anyone else have any close calls like this in psych? As much as I love my job, I'm definitely excited to finish my PMHNP and move to outpatient or private practice out of the line of fire.
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  3. by   Davey Do
    Way to dodge the foot, NurseNinja1990!

    Recently, I was bitten on the bicep by a geriatric Patient while assisting him to sit on the toilet and punched in the head by the room mate of a Patient I had just assisted to the toilet. I was plugging in the IV pump.

    It all happened the same night.

    However, I did get two compliments for my troubles. The Patient who punched me in the head, when I therapeutically held him said, "You're strong!"

    And when I showed by bite mark bruise to fellow staff members, one Nurse Extern said, "Nice guns!"

    It helped to ease the rain.