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AIMS testing

  1. 0 ]I am a CNA at a Mental health Clinic. I have to do AIMS test on some of our clients who come here for there haldol or resperidal shots.

    ]Should I be doing AIMS testing? My super is an RN and we have 2 LPNS who give the shots and I was told that it was OK for me to do these AIMS test. I'm not real comfortable doing this but my super has confidence in my performance so I guess i'm doing it right. But I'm still not real comfortable with it.
    ]My job consist mainly of performing VS and weights with BMI's on the patients coming in for med checks and on occasion med calls.
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    First of all what is a CNA? I have never heard of anyone else except a psychiatrist or a nurse performing an AIMS screen on patient. It has several components and is more complex assessment than taking vitals and weights. An AIMS testing is looking for serious side effects ( movement disorders ) from antipsychotic medications and some of the side effects like tardive dyskinesia are permanent.
    What kind of liabilty insurance do you have?
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    I'm a certified Nurse liabilty insurance offered for CNA's or required.
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    That sounds like the nurses are trying to lessen their work load. In my setting the psychiatrist, MD or a trained nurse does the AIMs on our service users every 90 days. What instructions were you given on doing this? Better check the company's protocol for this and the follow up if the scores are high.
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    I got an crash course inservice, pretty much a DVD explaining about
    tardive dyskinesia. The VP of the facility is over the medical dept and he said it was OK for me to do the AIMS testing. I don't want to question it, because I don't want to lose my job. I was told that it was OK for me to do it. I don't know what the legal liabilities are regarding that tho.
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    Its different in the United States ,compared to Canada or Australia.
    I am not sure that this is a task that is within the scope of practice of a nursing assistant. A registered nurse who delegates tasks to non-professional nursing staff is legally accountable for any problems which may arise. I personally wouldn't delegate this task.
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    I think there is CUDOS for the doc and nursing staff to train the CNAs to do the AIMS. There is something to be said in training personal caregivers to be able to watch for these symptoms. Im not sure they should be the one who performs the test and records the AIMS in the medical record, that sounds like they are being "lazy butts"!!!
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    0 more thing...the nurse who gives the shot should be observing and recording expected effects and adverse reactions to the shots they give...that is pretty standard.
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    Doing an AIMS test takes less than two minutes. The nurse should be doing it, not you, prior to giving the medication. Records should be kept of the "scores" over time. If you were asked to do this as a time-saver for the nurse, it just doesn't float. CNAs shouldn't be assessing patients, in my opinion. This puts you as well as the nurse at risk if something goes wrong, to say nothing of the patient. I'm not meaning to say you wouldn't do a completely accurate AIMS test, but it just shouldn't be part of your job.

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