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Hi everyone! I've been a graduate of Nursing since 09, but just recently licensed. I am going to start my first job here in the US in a private psych hospital. Best to say that I am very excited, although on the other hand,... Read More

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    First of all, in my opinion, your employer has set you (and everyone else) up for failure, which is totally unfair. I am sure that most of that 2 weeks of orientation was sitting in a classroom learning theoretical stuff when you have no idea what they're really talking about. It's like giving classes on how to ride a bike and you've never even seen one! Crappy orientations are my biggest pet peeve in nursing. I've been a nurse for over 18 years. I worked in Psych as a tech while I was in nursing school and when I graduated, landed a Psych job. I had a REAL preceptor. We worked the same days for 6 weeks, in addition to all the classroom stuff we had to do. She actually taught me what I needed to know and gave me more and more to do on my own, so that at the end of those 6 weeks I felt comfortable. I have also worked med/surg, peds, home health, corrections and most were wholly inadequate. I just started a psych position where nurses basically get 2 shifts on the floor. Most of the units only have 1 nurse, so you best be ready to be charge in 2 days! There are a number of new grads that started with me. How unfair to put ANY nurse, let alone a NEW nurse in such a position. Shameful! In the right place, with the right team and the right administration that really values their employees Psych can be awesome. I have learned so much about myself working with this population. I wish you the best!

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