Vent: sick of complaints about other nurses

  1. Another nurse I took report from recently told me she asked the client and client's family to refrain from complaining about other nurses to her. If they had a complaint, they should take it up with the agency. I told her I felt the same because I'm sure if they are talking about one nurse, they're talking about me too!

    I'm thinking of doing this with one of my clients. I'm sick of one nurse at a time being the "favorite" or "hated one" for whatever dumb reason that week. It's ALWAYS something stupid too. I'm positive I'm frequently on the outs as well probably for something I didn't even know I did "wrong".

    Arghhh! Just a vent.
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  3. by   caliotter3
    I agree with you, but you probably won't get anywhere. These people are venting their frustrations in the form of talking about their nurses. Yes, they are talking about you behind your back. Why wouldn't they? Most of what they say are "perceptions" not necessarily based on fact. Accept it as part of the job. In one ear and out the other, with an occasional reminder to them that they should be voicing valid complaints to the nursing supervisor. That will probably go in one of their ears and out the other too, but at least it is the thing to do. You might also want to document this behavior, for the time that the family decides to boot you and you need a defense to your employer.
  4. by   Elektra6
    You're right. I think they are frustrated with their life, situation, etc. I keep telling myself clients/families were the same in the LTC facility too. Oh well, just a vent. Thanks. :heartbeat
  5. by   nursel56
    Yep, since nurses are so central to their lives- they like to talk, and talk. . .and-- also paradoxically, they're often trying to cement a bond with you, because it is implied that you are, for that moment at least, "the good one".
  6. by   We'llSee
    One of my patient's parents are constantly bad-mouthing the other nurses, and I did tell them that I was uncomfortable with it. They blame everything that happens in their home on the nurses. I had to bite my tongue HARD to not comment when this family saw roaches in their kitchen and blamed it on the nurses. These people seldom do their dishes and the garbage is almost always overflowing. They claim the reason they saw roaches is because the night nurse doesn't always rinse out the Jevity cans before putting them into the garbage. It's all her fault! Sure thing, guys.

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