todays rant

  1. Same show different day. I'm sure you've heard this a hundred times before I am just so freaking tired of. This. Crap. Today!! And sorry in advancefor the dots my. Phone needs prozac.
    I'm a private dutynurse for a sick kiddo, she has multiple. Issues but is pretty functional. So my day is or should be. Spent caring for her. So. I'm. Sorry if it toally ticks me off that mom, who is very. Nice, still treatsme more like the nanny. It is my jobto take care of my patient,NOT pick up after mom, therapists, or the other numerous children in the house. Mom acts like if it happens in my kids room (which hasvery heavy traffic since its really the dining room) its my mess to. Clean. !!? Everyday after speech. Therapy I am the one picking up the left over food. Eventho mom and the therapist. Are the. Ones that fed her! I was taking my lunch break, how is that my. Mess to clean? Its. Not. I am very thankful to have a good job I know this ok, but still that doesn't mean we have to take so much crap. I'm just so over this. I have been taking care of this one kid only, for over a year now, its time for a change of venue. Not to mention everyother week I catch whatever the. Otherkids are sneezing out and wiping all over my stuff, I can't understand the lack of boundaries in this house. Mom has. No problem with.
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  3. by   Not_A_Hat_Person
    I can commiserate. I'm also seriously reconsidering getting an Android phone.
  4. by   caliotter3
    Well, put up with it if you must, but if another case is available.... If no other available work, take a vacation for your own sanity.
  5. by   systoly
    Does mom know how you feel? Could you have a reasonable discussion with her?
    If your personal property cannot be treated with respect and mom cannot ensure that it's off limits it may well be time to move on
  6. by   LevitateMe
    Came in a little early this morning and found the night nurse intentionally waking up thee patient just before the end of shift and when she saw me she looked like shed been caught and said she was waking her up to start her feeding.... Eh? Thats bs she gets bad if I let the patient take a nap on my shift cause it means she be awake for the first 3yr hours of her shift instead of sleeping 12s hours straight. I'm sorry I know there are a lot of good night nurse, but this I've only comes to sleep and gets mad ifthe patient doesn't sleep thru her shift.
  7. by   LevitateMe
    Sorry for all the typos I allnurse from my phone
  8. by   samirish
    You are not the housekeeper, maid or babysitter. If it doesn't involve nursing duties then don't do it (other than keeping your work area neat...if mom fed the kid she can clean up the mess). Otherwise it will only breed resentment.

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