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or i would be so bored right now. my pt is sleeping up to 6-7 hours for the 8-10 that i am here. i would go bonkers if i didn't have my laptop. anyone else here have a pt that sleeps alot? if so,... Read More

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    I thought this was a good post to revive I have two adult male vent case well he only sleeps during day shift and is awake all night long. That calls for an extremely looong day shift since he sleeps the whole time. Thank goodness for laptops and all the other things you can get done (bills, bookwork, crafts, etc). My peds case they obviously sleep at nite but my nites there seem to go by quickly as i keep busy doing the same sorts of things with my laptop, bills, bookwork, reading, etc. I do watch some TV but infomercials get old after awhile! Thank goodness for Discovery Health being on the air all nite. What will I do when it become's Oprah's channel?

    So, when do your patients sleep and what do you do?

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    Quote from liveyourlife747
    There is always an air-card! I got it through my cell phone company and I can get online anywhere that I have cell service. It's great! And I'm able to take online classes while I am at work, so the price that I pay for it (which is a pretty penny I have to say) is worth it because I can make money, do schoolwork, and save money, gas, and time on going to class
    Mine is about $60/month (had it for 3 years now), but speed and reliability are phenomenal. Well worth the $.
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    I take my netbook (with built-in WIFI adapter) along when I work night shifts. If the client doesn't have wireless internet, I can still play games.
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    I work nights on one case and although I can't get internet they do have basically every channel known to man so I watch movie after movie.
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    At work yes my laptop is a great tool!! The family actually suggested it and gave me the network code. I manage a mountain bike race team so it leaves me plenty of time to work on that in between tasks.
    I love my PDN job. 9-5pm, M-F, NO weekends. Getting more excited about PDN work. Thought it would be a temp job for a couple of years until I have my RN but with the baby boomers approaching eldery years I think the PDN market is going to explode. Seriously considering sticking with it. You can't beat the freedom and stress-free environment.
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    I work days, but I oriented on nights. I couldn't access the family's wireless network, but they had cable, with on-demand, and they didn't mind me watching TV as long as the client was taken care of. I don't have cable at home, so I got to catch up on Mad Men (which I follow on Netflix).
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    Working the private duty peds and love it! Was supposed to be just a "until I get a "real" job thing" but I'm enjoying it, and this IS a REAL job. Sure only one day a week but I'm in a nice situation, group home, so never alone. Like a mini unit. We talk, I read, watch a lil TV, and go on all nurses with my iPhone. Take Care all.
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