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I am an LPN and I take care of a child in his home. The other nurse who works with this child is an RN. Mom said that the agency told the RN that if she wanted to continue with this child that she... Read More

  1. by   WI_home_RN
    i am a private duty rn in wisconsin working for medicaid/badgercare. for the last year, we have been hearing rumors of budget cuts. they already cut out the few hundred bucks extra a month for the case coordinator.

    we are able to work no more than 12 hours/day, 60 hours a week. there has been talk that if you are an rn, you will be paid the standard $30+/hour rate for up to 8 hours but if you work a 12 hour shift, your pay will go down to $20+ (lpn wages) for the final 4 hours of the shift. i certainly hope that this doesn't come true but its been rumored for about a year now. its bad enuf they took away coordinator reimbursement. that's alot of paperwork!!

    us rns do get the same standard pay rate for vent as well as non-vent patients.

    does anyone know where to look online to find out what's really going on and the truth behind what budget cuts are in store for us? again, i live in wisconsin.