Private Duty Schedulers: Why are they so deceptive? - page 2

Unfortunately, I have worked for several private duty companies and the schedulers lie, bait and switch, and play such nasty games. Are they actually trained to do this?... Read More

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    I guess it's worse to lie to the families (and/or the nurses) than to fail to communicate at all. How many times families have discussed with me the lack of communication and how it interrupts their routine. I have had families literally beg me to give my phone number and for me to call them with any schedule changes or important information. And the staffing coordinators will chastise nurses for going around the agency to keep the families informed and vice versa. Too bad exchanging personal phone numbers can be a double-edged sword.
    I've gotten to where I'll call the family to give them the heads up. They need to plan ahead. It's just mean for a scheduler to tell a family at 10:30p that their 11-7 nurse won't be coming in, when I had called in at 10a. This is especially true when there was an opportunity earlier for one of the parents to get in a nap!