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    My dream is to move to the Florida panhandle in the next 2 years and I was wondering what the job outlook would be for me as an RN in home health care, specifically private duty care. Are there plenty of agencies in the area? Do they have enough clients to give you steady full time work? And of course the question that is always asked, what is the pay like in the area? TIA!

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    did you ever find anything with private nursing in florida?
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    Nope still waiting for house to sell and can't find anyone to tell me what they make in private duty.
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    I am an LPN who left private duty in the Florida panhandle 5 months ago. They were paying LPN's $15 an hour and RN's $16-17 an hour.
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    Ahhh finally a reply! Thank you so much Blackcat99!
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    I have worked PDN as a vent nurse in Wisconsin for 6 years. I am hoping to relocate to the Florida Panhandle soon, and have already been licensed but not sure how to go about getting patients once I get there. I have an NPI number and am vent certified(Wisco) . Does anyone know if you are required to be RCS certified in Florida to care for vent patients? Any ideas to resource private duty patients without working for an agency? The pay in Wisconsin is great, but no benefits when you are independent. Working for an agency, the pay is poor and they take most of the profit! I posted a resume on Craigslist but no interest.
    Thanks for any insight anyone could offer.
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    I'm not in the Panhandle, I'm in the Southeast...Sarasota. LPN's here working Home Health or private duty make around $20/hour and RN's about $40. I worked agency as an LPN and earned $20 sometimes more. I am now a newly graduated RN and am earning $41 doing PRN HH.

    Good luck!

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