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Hi All, I recently (last week) had my pinning and am now a graduate nurse, preparing to take the NCLEX. Like most other new grads in this tough economy, I'm formulating a methodical plan for job-seeking that consists of... Read More

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    I say take it, just make sure your comfortable with what your doing, the new cpr measures and what to do in an emergency. you dont want to lose your license before you get it. i went into PDN as an LVN of 6 years with no experience outside a clinic and at first i was terrified but now i can change a trach with my eyes closed. just make sure you are comfortable. Also make sure your ambu bag is never out of reach. there are also new cpr guidelines now so know those, i heard it puts compressions first i am taking a cert class soon, so i dont know all the details. also make sure you actually change that trach out at least once before you are left alone with the kiddo so you'll be more confident if it ever comes out while moms not home, and keep ky jelly handy just in case.
    good luck!

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