How much information of a patient does your agency give you before you accept a case? - page 2

regarding a private duty's case...., my agency tells me a patient's address and shift & days of a week i work and asks if i can do the case. they don't give me any other information such as age of... Read More

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    I would fall over backwards if any of my employers offered me more money to do any cases. They don't even offer me work at their low rates of pay.
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    I never got this case but there was one case at my old agency where they paid more because it was two patients and then the family actually paid money out of their pocket directly to the nurse as well. Those nurses were doing quite well from what I could tell.
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    Both agencies I work with give me the age, diagnosis, & interventions such as trach,vent, g-tube,etc. & then I tell them whether I'm even interested in going for an orientation. If I say I'm interested, they will then email me a copy of the 485 so I have more info before I go to the home. They're also very good about giving me details about the situation in the home before I go out.

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