How do I become a private duty nurse?

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    I live in Ohio and I visited the Carestar website. I'm still a little confused on how to go about this. I understand I need to fine an MD and RN to work under, but how do I do that? What are the wages like? How do I find patients and do all the paperwork, eg. taxes, etc. And can I do it as a new nurse? I have only been nursing for a couple months, and right now I am doing hospice home care. Any information would be a HUGE help! Thanks!

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    Strictly speaking all you have to do is to get hired privately by a client who wants nursing care. You agree on the parameters of your employment with the client and should draw up a written contract. You can find these clients by word of mouth or look in the want ads or on craigslist. However, I think you would find it difficult to get hired with only two months of experience.
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    for an application to become an independent provider for waiver clients
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    for an application to become an independent provider for waiver clients

    I think I may have posted this wrong initially. Not sure how to navigate the site.
    I'll watch the tutorial this evening!
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    Try googling "independent nurse entrpreneur" or "independent private duty nursing". You will get some hits. I am starting to look around in that area also, in Minnesota.
    Another source is the Nurse Entrpreneuer Website. I havent used it enough yet to rate it. If I find any useful gems, I will let you know.
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    I had so many questions about how to start. This thread helped out a lot!

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