Getting a raise in private duty nursing?

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    When I worked in nursing facilities, I didn't have to ask for a raise. I would get my evaluations and then they would say something like OK, we are giving you 50 cents more an hour now. So how does it work in private duty?
    Do you have to ask for a raise or do they give you a raise automatically after you have been with them for a year? Thanks.

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    When I asked why another nurse was getting paid $4 an hour more on the same case, I was told that I worked MediCal cases. As if by my choice. I reminded them that I had been told that everybody with the same license would be paid the same. I was not given the pay raise. Soon after, this agency stopped giving me work at all. Their response to my request for equitable treatment.
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    OMG!!!! caliotter3. Unbelievable!!!!! Someone else making $4 an hour more than you doing the same patient!!!! And then when you rightly called them on it, they punished you by not giving you any work at all.
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    Yes, guess which nationwide home health agency? I'll bet you get it on the first try.
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    A raise?!?! hahahahaha!!! I never got one in my 4 plus yrs of private duty - through 2 agencies.

    The first agency (a nice mom and pop agency) said they already were paying me the most they could. They were apologetic. They said they could not give me more unless medicaid raised their reimbursement rates. And when I started there, I actually started at the highest rate they paid (since I sordof "demanded" it). So, I believed them and understood.

    Then, with Maxim....when I asked for a raise, I was given a very insulting "circular" speech. Don't want to raise my BP by rehashing how condescending they were! Basically they said nurses were demanding and expected too much. blah. blah.

    And my raise expectations were pretty reasonable - I was hoping for 50 cents an hour.
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    OMG!!! ArwenEvenstar- No raise in 4 years of doing private duty nursing!!!! I will have one year in March. In March I am going to take a chance and ask for a raise from my nursing supervisor not the office staff who seem to think that they are my bosses. I will let you all know what happens. I hope they don't get mad and cut my hours or stop calling me for assignments like they did caliotter.
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    Speaking of raises, I am working at less than I was paid 11 years ago. If going backward is a raise, I guess I've done well.
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    Quote from caliotter3
    Speaking of raises, I am working at less than I was paid 11 years ago. If going backward is a raise, I guess I've done well.
    Yikes!!!! I wonder what will happen when I ask for a raise? They will probably say "We are so glad you brought that subject up. Medicaid is making many more cuts so we will now have to start paying you $5 an hour."
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    When will these agencies realize that unless they can staff the cases they have with good, reliable nurses and HHA's, they won't be getting any reimbursement at all?

    I give my good nurses the highest raise possible annually. I want them happy so they don't quit and move on to another agency. Everyone gets a 2,3,or 4% raise annually. I use patient satisfaction surveys, dependability, willingness to fill in for others in a pinch, attitude, punctuality, (to name a few) to decide how much the raise will be.

    I recently opened an emergency PA case and am using one of my office staff (who is also a HHA) to staff the case. The person needed services earlier in the morning then any of my field staff were willing to work. She goes for an hour to give this client a bath before she comes to the office to work her 8 hour day. We are paying her overtime 5 hours/week to do this and we are still making money off of the case. So don't let anyone use 'reimbursement' as an excuse to not give you a raise. I posted the reimbursement rates for Medicaid on another thread. That proves that even with Medicaid reimbursement rates, agencies are still making money.


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