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Finding private duty cases on my own

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    I am a Medicaid provider and I want to see if anyone can help me with something. I want to get a private duty case on my own. I know I can go to Craigslist or hear it by word of mouth but there has to be another way. Has anyone tried obtaining a case on their own by calling hospitals or places like that?

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    Try advertising in and looking in the want ad section of a newspaper. You can also go hang out in hospital clinic waiting rooms. You may have to talk to somebody to obtain permission. They may also allow you to post flyers.
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    I posted on FB. I'm just starting to look myself. I am wondering what would be a fair fee schedule. I still want to pay into social security so it adds to my monthly when I retire. Any suggestions as to what to charge for services? Thanks...
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    Do you already have private duty experience? Trach vent enteral nutrition experience? Hospital experience? What is the benefit of getting a case yourself vs. going through a private duty nursing agency? Please advise.
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    The advantage of getting your own private patient is that you don't have the agency personnel to deal with and you typically get a higher salary than you would when the agency takes their cut.
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    I learned so much information about independent private duty nursing as a sole proprietor from this thread. Hope it helps you!

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