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I just nees to vent. I'm so fed up with the families in private duty nursing. Reasons why include: It seems a lot of families,esp the mothers, are looking for friends instead of nurses. You could do everything right but if... Read More

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    OMG!!!! . So they actually tell you they are going to sue!!!!Yikes. Yes, maybe all of the parents think we are all bad since we are not perfect like they are?

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    It is true that there are families that can no longer get an agency in town to service them because they have gone through all the agencies and have alienated enough nurses in the nursing community that no nurse will work for them. I worked on such a case where I used to live. The family was forced to place the child in an institution. Our agency was the last one that would deal with them. In the nine years of using nursing care they had gone through 12 or 13 agencies. I always have this little talk with parents at the beginning of the case when I inform them that they have the right to have any nurse in their home that they feel comfortable with but they need to keep in mind that there are only so many nurses available at any given agency.
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    Quote from tothepointeLVN
    On my long term cases I was chit chating to the mother and casually mentioned how I hear about one family that tried to sue the agency and then got blacklisted and couldn't get any agency to send them nurses.

    These families really do think we are "rich" Mom used to comment about how nice it must be to buy whatever I want.
    I got similar comments from one mother about how much money we make!! Yeah right! Private duty nursing was the lowest paid nursing job I ever had.

    I think one "problem" is the paperwork the family signs. I saw the yellow copies of the contract one family signed with the agency and it listed the medicaid reimbursement pay for the RN as 30-something an hour. (Can't remember the exact amount anymore. But I am thinking it was $32). Family must think we actually get that! I made $20/hour. And there were NO benefits at all.

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