Does anyone go to school with their client?

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    I was offered an amazing case. It's almost too good to be true, it's so amazing. Heck, the agency I just got hired with is AMAZING so I don't particularly know why I am so shocked. Anyway, I will be working day shift going to school with the client. After school I will get the client off the bus and situated and my day is done. The pay is my base plus reimbursement bonuses, and there are NO weekends. I am so excited, but a little skeptical because I've never done a case like this before and I'm not sure what's expected of me when I go to school with the client. Obviously, I would be doing the nursing interventions as ordered but do I help with school work, sit off to the side, etc.? I know my situation may be slightly different than someone else's but I would love to hear your story regardless.

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    A case I used to work - I was the nurse at home in the evenings with the child. There was another nurse at school with her all day. But this nurse was employed by the school district not an agency. the home nurse, I always wondered "how" the school nurse handled things....having to fit the medical care into the school routine. Probably just ask the teacher/s what they expect. Is there a previous nurse from the case that you could talk too for pointers? Wish I was more help! GOOD LUCK!
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    I go to school with my client. It's something that I'm still getting used to, because I happened to start with my client at the beginning of summer, where it was just me and them for the summer, and we did whatever I wanted, nobody (besides mom) to answer to, MY own schedule, etc.

    As for the school, well, I don't do anything with him that has to do with education. There is a teacher and two aides in the room I'm in, along with 6 other students.

    I'm there for nursing interventions, feeding, assessment. When the teacher is doing her "thing", I back off, but keep my client in full view at all times. If my client is agitated, I will enforce what I believe mom would want. (extra time on the mat, extra cuddling, more frequent position changes, etc.)

    Hopefully you will be in a room with an understanding (flexible) teacher. Although the teacher for my client is nice, they are pretty well set in their ways, and sometimes I feel like she would rather not have any nurses in the room, because it may interfere with the teaching or with what they want to do. (I'm not the only nurse in this room). The teacher in our room wants to be involved in EVERY aspect, and I've had to ask her to back off, because I'm the nurse and there are things that I need to do that she does not.

    To sum this up, take the job if you're interested. Give it a try. There will be both positives and negatives, as with any job. I came from LTC to peds, didn't know how long I would last, but I LOVE this. And going to school (as frustrating as it can be on some days) DOES break up the day with my client.

    Let us know what you decide, and when you start, what you think!
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    I have gone to school with one of my clients. I help with transfers, changing w/c's, assisting with his manual and driven w/c. I watch the vent settings and sx when needed or requested by the client. At lunch time I do his feeding and cath and let him rest a little in the clinic.

    During the educational times, I sit off to the side, out of his sight, but still able to see the vent. He has an school aide to help with his education, and they are aware of when to alert us if he needs to be sx, isn't acting right, etc. With art music and gym, we help him and join along with the class.

    It's a lot of fun and I emjoy it, but it is also a lot of work with transfering a 9 yo constantly. Hope you enjoy the time at school with your client!
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    I have went to school with several of my clients. It does break up the day as you mentioned. I enjoyed it. It was great to see all of these special teacher and aides and health room staff shine. They really care about these kids and you can see with most of the staff that this arena of special needs children/young adults is their calling. Depending on how old your client is it can be hard work with all of the tranfers etc... But you will have that in the home as well. Now just beware... Some of the staff think that you are there to help them... Just make it clear that you are there for the patients medical needs. After you develop a relationship it is possible that you might want to help with crafts etc... YOU be the judge... Good luck with your new job... And keep the enthusiasm!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU are really needed!!!
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    I was getting ready to do school nursing with one of my former clients and spoke to the nurse who was with the patient at the time. She said that one of the biggest responsibilities she felt, besides being on the line in case of a medical emergency, was knowing that if she called off for some reason, that the patient would miss school that day. I've never met a school nurse who said that they did not enjoy their job.
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    okay as a new LPN I can give you some insight since before I became a nurse I worked 6 years in a CP school and have worked along side of the private nurses,they all love the job and thats why I went into nursing{still looking for employment as I need 1 year experience before I can be in your shoes}the nurse would only tend to that client,no education so don't let the school tell you that you have to unless you are bored,seems like if all medical needs are met then it was alot of paperwork...also calling out could pose a problem with the families but you agency should have a back up plan even though most families don't like change and so the child stays home.
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    I worked at a school district for a child that had a trach, was ambulatory but pushed an O2 bottle around (faster than I could walk!). He was very small so I was part body guard too. I followed him from 5th to 8th grade and he was in a regular classroom. I also rode the bus with him to and from school. One problem I had was boredom--hey I already graduated from school! But I ended up being more of a class room aide but ALWAYS knew exactly where my student was in the room all the time and his breathing status. I graded papers, did projects with other students, did make up quizes, tutoring. In some classes the teacher let me teach some of the lessons. It was a fun job but be aware you may not get paid for all the breaks the school district has (1 week at Thanksgiving, 2 weeks at Christmas, 1 week Sping break and 2 1/2 mths for summer and lots of 3 day weekends). But the school district I worked for "averaged out" your $$$ over 12 mths so I got a check every mth. If you are there only for medical needs, you might get very bored. My student missed alot of school but instead of getting called off I worked in the office, the library, or a classroom as I was a school employee and was gaurenteed the hours.
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    Hello everyone! I too, go to school with my client (I'm contracted out through an agency). I was wondering what you guys do doing the summer, or do you still work with the same client over the summer? get another job? My contract with my client ends in June, so I'm looking for either another case or another job. Thanks for any input in advance!
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    I have worked with the same client over the summer. Here in MD. there summers are not that long and they still go to school a lot... Good luck

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