Are your wages comparable to the hospitals in your area?

  1. I have always heard that private duty pays on the low end of the RN salary range, but the agencies in my area pay about the same as the hospitals. Why anyone would want to stress out doing floor nursing when they could take care of one patient at home for the same pay is beyond me. How do your hourly rates compare in your area??
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  3. by   pearl99
    here the hospitals pay more, several dollars per hour more. i've been doing homecare for over 5 years and took quite a cut in pay and am just now back to what i earned in the hospital, i worked in a hospital before this. with hospital nursing when i leave, it's done- home care i come home and have some hours of paperwork! tradeoffs, you know.
  4. by   smartnurse1982
    The pay is about 4 dollars an hr more in the hospital but they also get way better benefits,so that's the trade off.
  5. by   Not_A_Hat_Person
    I like doing private duty, but I made more per hour doing flu shots. I make about 33% less than I would at the hospital, with fewer, more expensive bennies.

    I just qualified for health insurance. The cheapest plan available for employee and spouse will cost slightly less than I've been paying for COBRA (never mind that my ex-employer is trying to raise the premium retroactively).
  6. by   ArwenEvenstar
    Big pay difference here!! Like not_a_hat_person, I also took a pay cut of about 33% from hospital to private duty. And the discrepancy only got worse with time. I got a small pay raise every year at the hospital, but I never got a raise the 4 years I did private duty.
  7. by   lsvalliant
    thanks guys, I guess I'm lucky in my area, the wages are about the same. I like private duty better than the hospital. Will never go back, not even for a few more dollars an hour.
  8. by   Yosemite, RN
    Pay in my neck of the woods for private duty nursing is about half that (or a little less) than for those RN's employed in an acute medical facility. Oh, yeah. No benefits.
  9. by   Miss Kisha
    Glad I am where I am, my hourly is more than my counterparts I graduated with. I'm with a really good, Christian based( yeah I never heard of it before, either) company. Not exactly the same exp. as my friends in the hospital but my house with my kids is more stressful than my assignments. No bennies for me, I do my 2 shifts/week so... But I'm happy

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