Are you going to work while in nursing school?

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    Just wondering how many people are going to quit their job once in nursing school. I would like to work as long as possible to keep my skills up. Plus I don't want to quit my job if I'm not guaranteed a job once I graduate.

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    I'm planning on working. It helps I have a previous BS so there are generals I won't have to take so I will only be taking about 12 credits, maybe 15 for a few. I am currently a DSP but plan on switching to being a CNA once I'm certified.

    The DSP thing is working out really well because I'm just a fill in. If I find myself overloaded I am not obligated to work a shift unless I've picked it up. There are still plenty of shifts to be had though. I usually do 2 shifts a week, plus a weekly meeting. I would imagine it would be possible to swing something similar as a CNA or what have you.

    If I feel like I HAVE to quit, I will but certainly don't want to. Even if my grades suffer a little bit, I think the experience and networking is worth it.
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    I have heard that A LOT of nursing students work through nursing school! It is definitely possible . I have a son which complicates things so my boyfriend (son's father) is the bread winner. It's hard to find a job that doesn't intervene with school or my boyfriends job. I am going to look into volunteering one day a week so I have something to show on my resume. If I were you I would keep that job if I could!
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    I'm a single mom so I work the entire time. Hopefully it works out
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    I start nursing school on Tuesday and today was my last day on the job. I don't plan to work at all but it depends on how things go the first semester; I have 16 hours. I'm blessed to have a husband who is cool with the fact that he will be the only bread winner for the two years I will be in school.
    If I see where I can fit in a job, I probably will, if not, i'll keep pushing until December 2015.
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    I will be. My wife and I can not afford to live off just her income, even though hers is higher than mine. So I will probably be working 36-48 hours a week like I currently do.
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    I've been an Occupational Therapist for the last 10 years, and I left my job in December to move myself and my 3yr old son back in with my parents in order to go back to school for Fall 2014.
    I'm planning on doing some agency/local travel jobs until then. I do plan on doing prn during school, and most definitely a summer contract during the summer break. I'm fortunate enough to have my parents financial support, but I do still feel I need to work if I possibly can.
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    I've heard of plenty of people on this site working during school. I plan on working because I don't have the luxury not too. But if it comes to it, I will take time off to complete my BSN. I think you have to use your judgement and make the decision yourself.
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    I'm planning on working as are many people in my program. I think the only ones in my class not working are the kids that just graduated high school and have the luxury to still live at home and be supported by family. Lucky dogs!
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    I'm in pre-nursing classes right now (12-14 hours/week depending on semester) and I work weekends only-12 hour shifts. I plan to do that all through nursing. I have 4 kids, so I have no choice. I'm lucky that I'm home the other 5 days. My day is 99% studying. Whether I'm cooking, rocking the baby, talking on the phone... I pretty much always have a book, highlighter and notebook beside me lol.

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