Yayyyy! I've been accepted into nursing school. - page 2

I got accepted into my FIRST choice! I am sooooo blessed, grateful, relieved, and insanely happy! It feels beyond amazing to have what I worked so hard for. I remember when it was 2011 and I was... Read More

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    Quote from SopranoKris
    Congratulations, brenay!!!!
    Thank you, SopranoKris!!!!!

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    Quote from AmberHopefulRN
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    Quote from zoe92
    Congrats!!! Keep up the good work!
    Thank you!!! & I most certainly will!
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    Quote from Jaynie_Marie
    Congratulations!! I just found out that I got accepted to my first choice, as well, so I know how you feel...it is soooooo exciting!!!
    Thank you! Yes, it is very exciting!!!
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    Quote from Lolita34
    Thank you!
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    Quote from Boxer Mama
    Thank you!
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    Congratulations!! That's amazing - way to go and good luck !
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    Congratulations! I find out the beginning of April about my acceptance to nursing school. All my best to you!
    C :-)
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    That is so awesome! Congratulations!!!
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    Congratulations :-D
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