Worried: just finished all my req pre reqs

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    I just finished all my pre reqs that are required for my school, however, don't feel like I am going to get accepted to the nursing program. I go to Suffolk Community College, and the required classes to apply for nursing are: eng 101, psych 101, and a&p 1 and 2.... I got a A in psych, B in a&p 1, B+ in a&p 2, and a B+ in eng.... Although you need a 3.0 in all the pre reqs ( which I have) there are so many others with a higher GPA.... Just feel so disappointed and worried.... Needed to vent...... Not even sure I should continue with micro in jan.... It may be pointless.

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    Don't lose hope. Do they strictly based their decision on the GPA?

    All you can do now is apply and see what happens.

    Good luck!
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    Well g.p.a is a big factor but I would say take micro and just apply. There have been people who have gotten in with lower than a 3.5 so dont count yourself out.
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    I just got into SCCC, apply to both campuses , I'm going to the one further from my. House, but I'm In. Take micro , do your best, I was told they put the applications in GPA order, so it all depends how many people apply for what class.
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    I forgot to say good luck, take micro, a second psych, and a humanities. You need those to graduate,not a pre-tec, and could help boost your GPA up.
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    And a second English.
    You can also apply to NCCC, same pre-recs

    If there is a will there is a way!
    So, apply to both campuses, all programs, day, eve, part-time, full time.
    Take the rest if the classes
    If that doesn't pan out apply to NCCC
    If its your dream to be a nurse, nothing will stop you, you can also apply to there LPN program, once you do that, you can go right into the bridge program.

    Once again good luck
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    Try taking human growth absurd development, it's an easy A and u can take online, that should boost your GPA

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    Try ethics. I always take a lot of electives (I am going for BSN) with my prereqs to boost up my GPA.
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    Thank you all for your encouraging words, and I did apply to the day and night program. I also applied to the Selden campus as well. I am going to take Micro this semester and just wait and see what happens. I will keep you posted. Thanks again
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    Good luck! Never doubt yourself or give up. I put off applying to nursing school for a few years because of the very same fear you're experiencing right now! I'm applying to nursing school for the first time ... To both SCCC Ammerman Day and Evening program as well as Stony Brook's 2 year basic baccalaureate for Fall 2013 entrance. I'm nervous as all hell, but I'm sick of being too scared to follow my dreams. I have a bachelor degree in biology already, but i didn't apply for the 1 year accelerated program because I was afraid of inadequacy again. My cumulative undergraduate GPA is only a 3.0 ... But my prerequisite (for SCCC requirements) GPA is a 3.7 ... so I am hopeful will l get into Suffolk. Keep your head up and keep trying! You get back what you put out into the universe, so stay positive.

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