Will a hospital pay for me to go to nursing school?

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    First off, I'd like to say hi! I'm new here. And I'm sorry if I put this in the wrong forum, lol.

    I have a question. I'm a senior in high school, and I live in Texas, the Houston area, and I want to go to Tomball Community College to take my pre-reqs, then apply for nursing school (I want to get my associates).

    I was just curious; I've heard of hospitals paying your way, and that that are some ways they do this; that after you're certified you either have to work for them for some amount of years, or volunteer, sometimes they pay it off, or they pay if you choose to get a higher degree. But would I qualify for that? And if I did, would they pay for my pre-reqs or only nursing school after I got accepted?

    Also, when contacting HR at a hospital, how would I ask them? Lol. I know it sounds weird and it's not that I'm embarrassed or anything, I just don't know what I would say/ how to ask.

    So if you know how would go about doing all of this, please help me, lol. I would really appreciate it.
    I'm clueless when it comes to these kinds of things.

    Thanks so much.


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    That's more likely in an area with a shortage, and I don't believe, Nikki, that TX has one.

    Good luck.
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    Look into hospital-based RN programs; the hospital where I work (in Pittsburgh) has its own nursing schools, and if you sign a 2 year contract they will pay it in its entirety.

    You could also go the route of getting a job now (food service, cashier, nurses aide, receptionist, gift shop, whatever) at a hospital that offers tuition benefits. These would usually be advertised as part of the benefit package on their website, or ask HR if they have tuition benefits.
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    +1 Rbt/Aflt...

    This is good advice. Our local hospital starts new grads at $72,800. They offer to reimburse all costs (including pre-req courses, equipment, uniforms, and books) to their hourly service employees that sign an agreement to work for them at full salary following RN school.
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    Hi, Nikki -- you might be interested in this article from the Austin Business Journal (Feb. 6th):

    Coalition to state lawmakers: Spend money now to fight nursing shortage (in TX)
    "The Texas Nursing Workforce Shortage Coalition addressed state lawmakers today, urging them to allocate $60 million in funding to combat Texas' shortage of nurses."
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    I'm in Michigan but will relocate for the right reason. Which hospital do you work at. I want to inquire more!
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    University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

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    Also, BlueMalibu, where are you where new grads make so much!? NPs don't even make that much here. . .I can't wait to move away:/
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    First of all, good for you on a having your educational and career path all mapped out when you're a senior in HS!!! Okay, I rec'd my ADN from Tomball College (aka Lone Star as it's now called) in May '07. I applied for scholarships and rec'd two $1000 scholarships. Go to the Lone Star College Foundation office and ask for an application. It is so simple. You fill it out, get 2 recommendations, and the foundation will match you with a scholarship. Also, Tomball hospital offers scholarships, but you must apply through the foundation at the college. I told my friends to apply for our 2nd year in nursing school and ALL of them got scholarships. Not many people know about it...not sure why. Anyway, I ended up spending probably $1K for school for books, stethoscope, etc. The scholarships paid for the classes, fees, etc.

    Good luck to you!!!! Jenifer
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    Quote from r0b0tafflicti0n
    Also, BlueMalibu, where are you where new grads make so much!? NPs don't even make that much here. . .I can't wait to move away:/
    I'm in Northern California... sunny 'C'!

    My sister completed PA school about six months ago. (PA's and NP's attend the exact same training here) She is working for an oncology clinic here now for 138 a year, so no, the wages aren't bad here.
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