Which degree do employers look at??!?

  1. Ok so... I plan on getting an associates degree from a school that is not accredited by CCEE or NLNAC. I do plan to further my education with a bachelors degree where I can transfer my credits and it is approved by NLNAC. I know there are many employers that will only hire RNs that graduated from an accredited programs, but what degree do they look at? Will the look at where I got my associates or my bachelors?
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  3. by   dansamy
    I think that also you have state licensing issues. If I recall correctly, CA is big bear about where/how you obtained your initial degree. Done incorrectly, you can potentially lock yourself out permanently from some states.

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  4. by   BSNbeDONE
    Job Requirements:

    Registered Nurse (RN) Job Requirements:
    - Graduate of an accredited school of Nursing
    - Current Nursing license in state of practice
    - BLS/ACLS current (ACLS for specialty units only)

    - At least One (1) year of recent hospital experience (within the last two years)
    - Ability to be a team player
    - Can do attitude
    Qualified applicants are encouraged to apply immediately!

    This is what most job offerings are requiring. Note the first on the list of demands.
  5. by   mamagui
    Why would you plan on getting an ADN from a school that is not accredited?
  6. by   KelRN215
    Don't go to a school that's unaccredited. Period. You will have licensing and employment issues that will follow you if you do. And are you sure the BSN program will accept credits from the unaccredited program? That seems odd to me.
  7. by   DoeRN
    You may not be able to transfer your credits from an unaccredited school. You should go to an accredited school. And further more you may have issues getting your license and will put in all that time and effort for nothing.

    And to answer your question but an employer would most likely hire a BSN from an accredited school versus an ASN from an unaccredited school. So why shut yourself out?

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