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I am new to the nursing world and am starting the 2013 year of with getting my plans to school started but need ideas for schools. Any ideas. If so please respond. This is my first thread on here so don't know how to do much just... Read More

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    On top of my head: John Hopkins, UCSF, Washington ...etc

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    Thanks catsladder appreciate it
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    Quote from catsladder
    On top of my head: John Hopkins, UCSF, Washington ...etc
    Again, assuming you are basing your reply on what you've heard or read, those schools are highly ranked for their graduate programs. There are no rankings for undergraduate/pre-licensure programs. Any program that is recommended will purely be based on anecdotal evidence, recruiter hype and personal opinion. Pick a few places you'd like to live and go from there with your research.
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    I would love to live maybe in settle as my hobby is Boeing aircraft and love to watch and listen to them when able too. So maybe if you know any schools there it would be great but let me know more too so I can choose compare and decide lol
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    Seattle if I can spell tonight
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    Univ of WA and Seattle University both have excellent nursing programs if you want to live in Seattle. UW is in a nicer neighborhood, if you care about that. It's also a pretty large university. Seattle U is a bit more intimate. I went to HS in Seattle and have friends who went to both programs. I've heard only great things about both.
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    I have heard that a lot of employers and if you continue your education past a RN, in future graduate programs, really like when you went to a school that is affiliated with a teaching hospital. Most often, teaching hospitals are those that are University hospitals. So If you went to U of WA, since they have a U of WA Medical Center, that would be an example of a teaching hospital.
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    I'm applying to these schools, it's a long list I know but bear with me

    University of Washington
    University California San Francisco
    University California long beach
    Seattle pacific university
    Point Loma Nazarene university
    Biola university
    Azusa pacific university
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    Anyone know about rankings specific to psych NP?
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    edit: Just saw how old this thread was. My mistake

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