What review books should I get to prepare for LPN? Should I get an NCLEX-RN review?

  1. I'm going to Border's tomorrow because there's huge sale and they are going out of business and my mom is getting her tax income so I want to pick up a few books to prepare me for nursing school and if all goes according to plan I'll be in the Fall program for LPN...but I am doing to ADN bridge program right after...
    So I want to get an NCLEX review book to help me with class notes and such, should I go ahead an get the one for RN? I'm guessing that all the LPN stuff should be in it anyway , am I wrong? And what publisher would you recommend?
    + What other books should I get?

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  3. by   joycie20
    Yeah, I suggest that you need to get the one for RN because every thing that you need will be there and it would make you more prepared for the NCLEX-PN.

    I suggest that you get the ones from Saunders.
  4. by   baglady215
    I would get an LPN book to prepare for LPN school. While most content is the same, there are differences as far as scope of practice and things like that.
  5. by   KristeyK
    I know I'm late, but NO!!!!!!!!!!!! Practical nurses have a different scope of practice and there is quite a difference in the NCLEX questions you'll get. HTH!