What review books should I get to prepare for LPN? Should I get an NCLEX-RN review?

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    I'm going to Border's tomorrow because there's huge sale and they are going out of business and my mom is getting her tax income so I want to pick up a few books to prepare me for nursing school and if all goes according to plan I'll be in the Fall program for LPN...but I am doing to ADN bridge program right after...
    So I want to get an NCLEX review book to help me with class notes and such, should I go ahead an get the one for RN? I'm guessing that all the LPN stuff should be in it anyway , am I wrong? And what publisher would you recommend?
    + What other books should I get?


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    Yeah, I suggest that you need to get the one for RN because every thing that you need will be there and it would make you more prepared for the NCLEX-PN.

    I suggest that you get the ones from Saunders.
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    I would get an LPN book to prepare for LPN school. While most content is the same, there are differences as far as scope of practice and things like that.
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    I know I'm late, but NO!!!!!!!!!!!! Practical nurses have a different scope of practice and there is quite a difference in the NCLEX questions you'll get. HTH!

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