What is the hardest course you have ever taken and why? - page 3

Hi:) I am a new pre nursing student in my 1st semester. I was woundering what everyone's hardest subject has been. I am taking Political Science, Humanities, Algebra and Psychology and My hardest... Read More

  1. by   Seas
    I am taking this class as a pre-req for my RN to BSN program. Hell, I am regretting every time I study for it that I didn't pick a different class in that class group.
  2. by   RNbethy
    Organic chem & advanced organic chem...
    However, I ended up loving these courses.
    It's fun to work through the problems and figure out how the electrons will flow....

    What's even tougher are clinical rotations: patients do not look like the diagrams in an A&P text...
    It's also harder to prepare for everything you will see. You can't practice 100 problems before doing the "test" like you can with organic chem!
  3. by   PinkRocksLikeMe

    Did I say Chemistry? LOL I LOVED pysch and I have made awesome grades, then hit chem like a brick wall, having to take class over!
  4. by   ginna121
    Any advice when I take Chemisrty?????
  5. by   WannaBNursey
    A&P2 and Statistics. I got C's in both classes, which I consider to be an unacceptible grade. I hate math and never knew what statistics was about but I knew I had to take it. I took it as a summer course and had a B all semester until I failed the final and got a C. I took A&P2 as a blended course. The lecture was online, I got to look at the notes, so I didn't have to memorize function, but the lab was in class and the lab was impossible to me! People say A&P2's lab is easier than A&P1, but in A&P1 I had info from Biology and high school A&P to build up on, there was nothing like that for A&P2. The teacher was awful. Nothing was taught, I had to study all on my own, and at the time I was taking micro and trying to take care of a sick mother, so I didn't have much study time. The lecture final was in class, not online, and half of the class got C's and D's on the final.