What are good questions to ask while looking at nursing schools?

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    What are good questions to ask when visiting nursing schools? I am making the rounds of my top 3 schools in the area and would love some good questions to ask.

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    Obviously NCLEX pass rate, but also attrition rate too because they could have a 100% NCLEX rate but if their attrition rate is low then that's not a good thing.
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    How many total clinical hours do students have?
    Where do students go for clinicals? (Can help you decide if one school only uses a small hospital and another uses a big happening hospital.)
    Are instructors available at clinical sites? (Apparently some schools differ on this, or so I've been told.)
    What is your NCLEX pass rate?
    What do I have to do to get in? (Is acceptance based on grades alone? essay? interview? volunteering?)

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