What classes did you pair with A&P I (Anatomy)? What classes did you pair with A&P I (Anatomy)? - pg.4 | allnurses

What classes did you pair with A&P I (Anatomy)? - page 5

I'm seeking the advice of those who've done it before me. What courses and how many did you take with A&P I. I don't work and wanted to really get a chunk of credits out of the way, what do you... Read More

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    By the way, I made all A's.
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    I took A&P 1 (lecture and lab) with chemistry...which I was really nervous about. I was going to take human growth and development but I decided to hold off as this was my first semester after being out of school for almost 14 years!

    A&P was a lot of memorization. It got a little overwhelming for me when we got to the muscles and the brain. It was a really fun class though.

    My first semester worked out really good for me. I've decided to take 4 classes next semester.

    Good luck with your classes...btw, love your profile pic!
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    Thanks for the advice Tobs31!

    And the compliment

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