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Waiting GAME! - page 2

Is anyone waiting for a letter to come in? Has anyone received their letter? The deadline was March 15, so I am wondering how long it will take!... Read More

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    Quote from limitless-visions
    Hay SuperMeghan91 I'm glad to hear you got in. I'm waitin to hear back from a few colleges to see if I got in. Can you please tell me what you made on the hesi that helped you get in?
    I made an 88.75 which the school rounded up to an 89. I also had 8 out of 9 prerequisites finished when I applied, the school gave extra points for that too.

    Yeah, I really freaked out for the longest because of how low my GPA was! I almost started a teaching program instead. I'm glad I stuck with nursing.
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    same here im still waiting i get nervous every week i go check my mail lol trying to stay positive and classes are keeping me busy too
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    I applied into Michigan State University's traditional BSN program. Deadline was March 1. I just got an email saying I wasn't accepted but I was placed on a wait list. I guess that's better than being completely rejected. My friend was wait listed last semester and he got in. I still have high hopes.
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    I'm still waiting too! The deadline was March 1st and we should be hearing back any time this week hopefully!